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mayo 10, 2007


... I recently found myself feeling things I have thought left behind quite a while ago for a girl.

The idea of this post came while I was half asleep, as I started to think many things about her that make everyday my day. This is no easy task, because there are so many things and so many different feelings.

I like the way she talks, even though she curses sometimes.
I love the way she smells, filling every particle of air around her with her scent.
The amber of her eyes drivez me nutz.
Whenever she twitches her lips while half smiling it's like a bang! to me.
Listening to her while singing gives me the chills.
Just by looking at me, makes my stomach to fill with butterflies.
When she tickles me she leaves me with a sudden rush of shyness.
She may not be what other people expect, but that's not important to me, cause she herself is what matter.
She makes me feel something I hadn't felt since I was at high school: jealousy. That's very hard for me to feel.
I cannot say that I love her, because I don't, but I have realised that she's definitely someone with whom I could fall in love with great pleasure.

These are just a few things, there are others that I do not recall in this moment, but they are most important as well.

Is this just some sort of a crush?, is this just an ephimerous period of time? What should I do? Should I keep on the pursuit of this Chimeric dream, with the possibility of success, or to simply drop it? I do not know right now. In the mean time, I'll work.

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