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octubre 02, 2006

Not much to say...

Been a while since the last time I wrote something here, and to tell you the truth I didn't have anything relevant to share with you all. Hell I don't even have anything relevant right now, hehe that's just how my life is, a journey to boredom, hahaha. Let's just tell what has been of my life last two weeks.

Working everyday is cool, at least keeps my mind occupied and away from all the nonsense that goes around this world, it also keeps me wandering where we all are going, and it keeps be busy programming, watching videos, or playing, hehehe well, what else would you do in a job like mine.

On weekends I go oud with my cousins (3 of them), and 2 of my friends, we always have a blast, jumping from club to club, drinking with them, and their brothers (who by the way, never get full of alcohol, hehehe), going to the pool house, watching the dawn at 6:00 am, etc.

I attach a picture of them three.

Changing the subject, in love matters, well it hasn't changed a lot from what you know (well, at least those who REALLY know me), hope it does eventually, and hope I find what I seek.

Talking about other things, well my trip to DF hasn't been cancelled, it has only been delayed, cause some out of my hands situations, so hope I'll see you all soon.
Well, I better go now, i'm getting a little bored hehe and I have to do some other things, so c ya'll later my friends, and don't refrain in your comments, they are always welcome here.

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