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diciembre 27, 2010

A year has passed, and I'm not the same guy anymore.

A week ago -more precisely on December 19th- was my first anniversary. Of what you'd ask. Well my first anniversary of having gotten married to this wonderful woman.

Her name. Tania Karamelo. Her age... unknown, even to me. Her motivations, making you all laugh, and make Planet World a better place for Motita, our son (Yup, I'm a dad now, too).

Every day is a constant sensation of not knowing what to expect with her, a perpetual roller coaster of emotions and experiences that you can't get tired of. That's how my life is now. I can feel the envy growing through your veins, my faithful readers.

Seriously, I'm more happy than I've ever been, I can't imagine myself without having lived this past year as I did. Every time I wake up right before going to work, I look at her, entangled in the blankets, and I just can't believe what my life is now, my friends.

Tannia Karamelo plotting to assassinate your boredom.

Having become a husband and dad have been two of the most difficult and yet fulfilling things that have happened to me. I really love making my family happy, and even though sometimes we have arguments (to those who don't believe it, it's true, 80% of arguments are won by those beautiful beings called wives), and bad stuff happens, I really wouldn't trade it for the world.

I really can't explain why I left unattended this space for such a long time, maybe because I'm lazy, maybe because I was too busy enjoying life for a change, or maybe because I was making... well, you get the picture *wink *wink hahaha. So don't blame me.

I'm signing off for the moment.

Hope you all have happy holidays.

P.S. I love you, Tannia. Every day and twice on Sundays.

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Njkolas dijo...

<3 I'm very happy 4 u, life is always changing.

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