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noviembre 25, 2008

Dreams and Facts

Last night I had a very weird dream, and I mean weird, strange, cuckoo strange. But anyway that's not the point of this post,

You see, right now I'm questioning whether I made the right choice or not, whether I want this or not. I can't tell for sure. Yes, maybe in a few days, months, years -I don't now- I'll have second thoughts about it, I'll get cold feet about it. I'll start thinking: "I should not have done that that way".

OK, I accept it, people tend to see me as a grumpy, bitter guy. A guy with an everlasting rage against everything and everyone. Nothing farther from the truth. I tend to be easy going, and well, yes I get annoyed from time to time by people's doing. I'm an intoleran person. But for me to burst out in anger, real anger, screaming anger, swearing-profanities anger it really takes a lot, or something that really gets into my nerve.

I think I have to work on that part of myself, along with other stuff, which I won't discuss here, hehe.

So, back to the choice, that's how life is, full of choices. And although they may not always seem the best, or work out for the best. In the end, eventually we'll get to it. Because that's what all this is, a huge, neverending learning process.


2 comentarios:

Tannia Karamelo dijo...

Si hay infierno para mi..
Y hay infiero para vos..
Que nada nos separe por favor ♫♫

Un grafitti en mi interior..
Me dice que mañana es hoy...♫♫♫

Marcos Legaspi dijo...

all the right moves.