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septiembre 11, 2006

Not feeling good...

Well... what can I say, today I've been had this melancolic feeling all over me, if you were a person that really knows, me well you surely would ask right away, what's wrong with me.

The truth is that it hurts, it really hurts wandering this world as a lonely person, Know ah shouldn't say things like that, but it's the truth for me, and well this is just a way to release all this sadness I feel, hope it goes away by tomorrow, I know it always does that. I really don't know what put me this way today, weekend was really cool, las week was awesome, and yet... well u know how I feel.

I'll try not to feel this way again, hehe I'm a master at doing that. Hide feelings from other people is something I'm pretty good at.

So, now it's me sayin' goodbye till another time comes and I feel like writing something.

Till den, well c ya.

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